Chenika, what was life like while you were unemployed?
I was struggling for over a year. I just felt lacklustre, and that was probably hindering me from finding a job. I had very low spirits, I felt incompetent, and less than my peers.

How did you come to be involved with Ross IES?
I came to Ross from the referral agency. Working closely with them is where the journey towards getting to the ‘greater me’ began. I was offered mock interviewing, interview clothes, résumé support, and help with my life at home as well.

How did they demonstrate their belief in you?
The staff at Ross made an extra effort to keep me grounded. They pushed me even when I wanted to quit, and were there for me after class if I needed a bit of a pep talk. One day my advisor Angelo taught me the saying; “Always be Closing (ABC)”. No matter what happened yesterday, close that day out and leave it there. Always start the next day anew. That was prophetic to me, because before I tended to carry a lot of negative energy from the day before into the next day.

How did Ross help you gain confidence?
I think a key thing is the staff at Ross never made me feel like a failure. I felt comfortable with the changes that they guided me through, and that helped boost my confidence. They gave me the tools to tap into the greater me. The team put a fire in my spirit, which compelled me to want more out of life and more from myself.

How does it feel to be working again?
I work for an investment firm as a pension specialist. I enjoy working with people who are like-minded and driven, and assisting my clients with their pension needs. The best thing about working again is to feel independent. To see goals that I’ve set be met, and for my daughter to see her mother work hard every day. I get to show her how to be a strong woman.

How do you feel about your future now?
I see endless possibilities. I have a short-term goal of enrolling in college and obtaining my degree in business. My long-term goal is I want to open a small business to generate other revenue for myself outside of my full-time position.

Why are the services Ross offers important?
The support they offer is unique for each person – it definitely felt tailored to me. This is important because not every person’s situation will be the same. They provide a well-rounded support system for anyone, regardless of their circumstances.

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