For single mum Tara, the personal pleasure of cooking a meal and eating together as a family inspired her search for new employment.

For what appears as a common day event has special significance for 53 year-old Tara as her daughter has recently recovered from a disabling battle with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.

Tara was supported in her job search by Central London Works, central London’s version of the government’s Work and Health Programme, which is delivered by employment specialist Ingeus.

“My daughter has come through this illness and I am very proud of her,” revealed Tara, who lives in Camden Town. “I developed a great rapport with my Ingeus case worker and I was able to talk honestly about the pressures in my life and seek the guidance that I needed to find employment again after being out of work for three years.”

In the past, Tara worked in the fashion industry and was involved in the production of clothes and printed designs, but she had to stop work after she was diagnosed with thrombosis. Her recovery and family responsibilities meant that Tara only felt able to consider returning to work in November 2019.

Based at the Ingeus branch in Camden Town, case worker Sofia Yazmin helped Tara to revise her CV and recommended that she attend an IT course to update her computer skills and improve her career prospects. 

“Tara gradually realised that she wanted to find work that would utilise her domestic and family skills rather than her newly acquired IT abilities,” said Sofia. “We looked at various options to utilise her many transferable skills and she has now been offered part-time work with an agency that provides childcare to families who need additional practical support. That might include collecting a child from school, preparing a meal and helping with play activities or homework until the parents return home in the evening.”

Matched Families

Ingeus facilitated the required safety checks Tara needs to enable her to work with children and she will be able to take up her new appointment once the pandemic restrictions are eased.
“The agency matches the days when you are available to families that need the extra support,” added Tara. “I am looking forward to working in childcare and being able to use my skills. I love cooking and I always ensure that the meals I prepare are healthy and nutritious. It will be great to have a new focus while still having time to care for my own family.”

Central London Works is central London’s version of the government’s Work and Health Programme. It is commissioned by Central London Forward and receives support from the European Social Fund.