The Covid-19 pandemic has inevitably increased the number of people experiencing anxiety and stress. How we are thinking and feeling can influence our physical health as well.
The New Year is often when we evaluate how we can improve our lifestyles. Eating healthier foods and taking more exercise can reduce the risk of developing serious conditions such as Type 2 diabetes.
As 2021 begins, now is a good time to plan a mental reboot to develop a more positive frame of mind. A reboot means tackling negative views and developing positive attitudes that will empower any decision to improve health.
Tackle negative thinking
An effective way to introduce a more positive attitude is to assess if you have fallen into the trap of negative thinking. Are you an all or nothing thinker, where everything’s good or bad, no middle ground or grey area? Do you catastrophise events and always focus on the negative? Or are you determined to take the blame for anything unpleasant happening, even if it has little to do with you?
Mental reboot
A useful exercise is to sit down with pen and paper and concentrate on identifying what is actually within your control and what is not, such as other people’s reactions, comments and opinions.
A greater awareness of how we assess our priorities, tackle problems and think about ourselves can help achieve a more balanced attitude to our lives.
Consider the following statements as a guide:
  • I can choose my thoughts and change my patterns of thinking with greater awareness
  • I can form my own opinions through researching more factual information rather than relying on others
  • I can influence my own priorities in life.
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