As Ingeus’s transformation director, Lisa Jasper supports colleagues across the business to implement new contracts, work smarter, and embrace more positive ways of working. Moving from project to project with her self-confessed short-attention-span it’s a role she loves, but one she’d never have envisaged after a 20 year career at the Ministry of Justice.
But Lisa’s story is not unusual. Dig deeper into Ingeus’s talented teams and you’ll find colleagues with an amazing array of backgrounds and skill sets, all flexing their work and life experiences to support Ingeus’s mission: to enable better lives.
Lisa’s story, and considerable talents, were shaped by her upbringing in a military family. An early life on the move was followed by boarding school where learning to look out for those around you and working as a team quickly became second nature. A fast-track civil service career then led her to Manchester’s prison riots in the late 80’s, which ignited an interest in justice. Talent spotted once again, she spent the next 20 years governing prisons, training new recruits, running courts, commissioning new facilities and services, and troubleshooting areas of failing performance and culture.
“Change can be unsettling for some people, but I guess it was instilled in me from childhood,” says Lisa, who is 53 and still nomadically splits her time between London, North Yorkshire, and wherever else Ingeus needs her to be.
“No two days were ever the same as a prison governor, some were incredibly tough, but I learnt so much about building relationships, giving people purpose, and looking for the good in everyone and nurturing it. It also taught me to speak frankly and fairly – still one of my trademarks!”
Lisa also saw at close quarters the toll significant change and trauma can have on people’s mental health and developed an empathy and leadership style that drew on some of her more traumatic experiences.
“Leadership for me is about asking the right questions, not thinking you know all the answers; more a teacher than a teller,” Lisa continues. “Done badly and change scares and fatigues people but get them enthused and involved and it’s amazing what ideas they’ll come up with. Ingeus implements change where and when it’s needed, not change for changes sake.”  
There are exciting times ahead for Lisa and her expanding team in the fast-paced world of Ingeus – and she’s excited to unearth more of her colleagues’ talents.
She concludes: “If you say something at Ingeus, you’ll be heard. My experience has been that they want to capitalise on past experience and hear new ways of approaching things. Transferrable skills aren’t just given lip service at Ingeus; as an employer they want to know everything you can offer.
“Work is so important to me, and I see that reflected every day across my colleagues. Someone will always offer to help, someone will always be willing to learn something new, someone will always make you feel they have their hand on your back, helping you to move forward and achieve.”
If you’re a career-switcher, first-timer, or elsewhere-long-server with talents, old and new, to offer, please get in touch.