With National Apprenticeship Week underway, Ingeus announced it will support 26000 young people to take part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme this summer and build skills for work and life.
The programme will give more than 26000 number 16-17-year olds from all backgrounds the opportunity to be at the frontline of the UK's economy by learning more about the world of work. Teams of 16 young people will spend time meeting with business representatives, offering them insight into what different companies do and how to get into their industry.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with NCS. At Ingeus, we want to help empower young people by giving them access to opportunities that will help them learn the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s world of work,” said Simon Smithson, Director of Youth for Ingeus.
The NCS programme prepares young people for what comes next by helping them develop life and employability skills, from team building to communication. It also helps young people grow their own personal network to support social mobility, equipping them to take control of their future.
This year, National Apprenticeship Week (3-9 February) focuses on “looking beyond” the stigmas and misconceptions which can still exist around a more hands-on approach to learning.
“The NCS programme is designed to empower young people to change their lives and communities for better. Diversity is at the heart of this – we bring together local businesses, youth centres and grassroot initiatives from across the country, to upskill young people from different backgrounds and help them develop important life skills,” said Sean Costello, Head of Education Engagement at NCS.
“To ensure we set young people up to succeed in tomorrow’s world of work, we need to welcome new approaches to learning and be open to trying new things. We’re excited to see this is part of the discussion during this week’s National Apprenticeship Week, which we fully support as part of our commitment of preparing young people for the future.”
The NCS programme is open to all students aged 16-17 across England and Northern Ireland. Running every summer and autumn during school holidays, teens get the opportunity to mix with a new crowd, live away from home for a while, take on new challenges and in the process build lifelong friendships.
There are still places available, to sign up students can visit here wearencs.com.