Introducing our super six skills, selected because they are valued by employers with vacancies.
At Ingeus, our expert employment advisors are helping out-of-work clients to fully appreciate the abilities they use daily in their personal lives, or when employed, and how these skills can be used to best effect when preparing a CV.
These super six attributes are also referred to as transferable skills. If you have been out of work for some time or are considering moving into a different sector, we reveal how to showcase your potential to a future employer.
Ability to organise
Work ethic
This is the first of a two part series that explores transferable skills. Our advice is free and will help you in your search for work.
These are skills we all have, and practise every day, but how do you illustrate good communication and listening abilities on your CV?
At home: in your personal life think about the chats that you have with family and friends, teachers at your child’s school or a local club. These conversations reveal how you listen and gather information. Sharing news and views on social media is also proof that you can communicate widely.
At work: answering phone calls into an office or call centre demonstrates your listening and communication skills, particularly if your role then involved processing or passing that information to others.
Employment in the retail or hospitality sector involves continuous face to face engagement with members of the public. That is respected work experience of explaining, answering questions and listening.
When describing your transferable skills on your CV, give an example of how you have worked and utilised these skills to get a job or home task done.
At home: this super skill is practised every day, particularly if you have school age children or are providing caring support for others. The know-how to organise involves identifying priorities and making judgements about what is most important. Schoolchildren have to arrive and be collected on time, play activities arranged for friends have to be safe and thought out, and making appointments involves organisational skills. During the pandemic have you arranged shopping collections for anyone self-isolating?
At work: organising work responsibilities, prioritising tasks, or completing your role before the next person can complete theirs all demonstrate the ability to organise. Did you have responsibility for stock or supplies to be ready when needed? These are all excellent examples to show that doing your job well involved being able to organise.
Are you currently out-of-work?
Then get talking with an Ingeus employment advisor. Please contact your local employment support team who can help you unearth your transferable skills, update your CV, polish your interview technique and suggest vacancies in your area.
And look out for more tips on the super six transferable skills here soon.