Collette Westerman has soared up the career ladder since joining Ingeus just 12 months ago, that she could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. But, recently promoted to Development Manager, Collette remains firmly grounded about the opportunity she has been given and is grateful to Ingeus for realising her potential so quickly.
Her Ingeus story began after seeing an advert to join the Ingeus Service Delivery and Design team in September 2020. Previously enjoying a successful role as Head of Academy with a small company, as the pandemic took hold, Collette, from Liverpool, found herself out of work for the first time ever. With bills to pay and a degree to complete, she soon realised there was some urgency to finding a new job.
“I was lying awake at night worrying about it,” she confesses. “Learning and development seemed to be badly hit by the pandemic – I’d applied for over 90 jobs without any success. I’d reached the point where I just needed a job, any job – and that’s when I discovered Ingeus.
“I hadn’t heard of Ingeus before but looking at their website I was really impressed with the company values, they gave me a really good indication of what it would be like to work for them. And they really have lived up to their promise – they constantly encourage employees to take pride and ownership in their work. Since starting, they really have made me feel part of the Ingeus family."
Collette instantly proved an ardent follower of Ingeus’s values. Her work ethic and talents were soon spotted by those at higher levels, who encouraged her progression within the role. From leading inductions and mapping processes for new employment programmes – she was encouraged to draw on her experiences and skills both for her own and the company’s benefit.
Alongside her career development, Collette is impressed with the support she's receiving to continue with the chartered management degree which she’d started while with her former employer. Ingeus has recognised the value of Collette’s degree and she has been fully supported with her studies, benefitting from the knowledge and experience managers throughout the company have shared with her – leaving Collette able to look forward to her graduation next summer.
“They’re advocates of learning,” says Collette. “It’s a fast-track degree so is very intense and I really appreciate the time I’m given to do it at work. It’s mutually beneficial too – I’m able to apply so much of what I’m learning to my job.”
And the skills she’s acquiring with her studies are already proving invaluable for her new role. “The role is a massive jump for me considering my initial starting point in September last year,” explains Collette. “But it’s exciting too and I know I’ll be able to do a good job. Ingeus is very good at spotting your potential and giving you the opportunity to develop and progress to new levels and, because it’s such a large company with so many different business streams, there are lots of different avenues with opportunities for progression.”
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