Mr Fix-it learns how to find his own solution
He’s normally the go-to-guy who provides the answer when there’s a problem. Introducing 64-year-old Keith Johnson, who has worked in a variety of roles that have required his skills to fix IT problems, resolve the operational issues at car parking barriers and become a successful fundraiser for an animal charity needing financial help.
“I have worked as a computer technician so I was often that person who people turned to when there was a glitch in the system,” explained Keith, who lives in Tameside. “During my career I have acquired many transferrable skills, both technical and being good with people. I have also been a publican and a DJ as well as providing career advice.”
Keith became unemployed nearly two years ago when he left his job due to his developing arthritis. He was referred to employment support provider Ingeus for help in finding new opportunities, but Keith had not considered that his mental health was becoming an issue.
His employment key worker and health practitioner recommended that Keith engage with SilverCloud, a confidential, internet-based platform that delivers online therapeutic programmes. 
SilverCloud has been developed by clinical experts and provides easy to use content with tools that offer solutions to improve mental wellbeing. The online platform is available to Ingeus clients in Greater Manchester, London and the North West who are experiencing low to medium stress, anxiety and depression.
A further new development is the self sign-up portal that enables participants to choose a suggested programme and work through the different modules independently on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
These core programmes have been tailored to aid better mental health by enabling the users to build up resilience and combat mental health issues.
Keith added: “I had not realised how my increased feelings of stress were affecting my physical health. I have been using SilverCloud for about five weeks now and the programme is really helping me. There’s advice and special tools that help you to develop a better understanding on how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked and appreciate which situations can act as triggers.
“I have downloaded the sound tracks that help you to relax as you meditate. I can go at my own pace, depending on how I am feeling. I fill in the journal and questionnaires which will help my support worker to gain greater insight into my feelings and moods. This approach is working for me and I can better appreciate that no-one has all the answers. I am feeling confident I will find a new opportunity that’s right for me.”
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