As a business analyst, 51 year old John from Southport was an expert at transforming hard data into strategies for success, but he turned to Ingeus’ WHP JETS to achieve personal progress.
As a result of the pandemic and subsequent economic slowdown, John was made redundant from his data analyst role. He had been unemployed for 13 weeks before he was referred by Work Coach, Janet Dawick, at Southport Jobcentre Plus to the JETS employment support programme.
Ingeus, working in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), is delivering the Work and Health Programme (WHP) expansion for Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS). The scheme helps recently unemployed people who are keen to get back to work and receives support from the European Social Fund. 
“My former role involved a great deal of analysis as I investigated the experiences and requirements of users and stakeholders,” explained John. “I then provided a plan to enable the IT department to take the required actions.
“I had been looking for work since October and I was very good at preparing for interviews. I’d thoroughly research the company involved and the requirements of the role, but my lack of success was beginning to knock my confidence.”
Ingeus Employment Coach, Amy Craig, quickly realised that although John was being very proactive in searching for suitable work, he would benefit from one to one coaching on how to improve his interview approach.
“John’s confidence had been affected and we were able to work through a number of motivational interview techniques that were about building up his self-esteem,” explained Amy. “I needed John to recognise again that he had the necessary qualifications and experience to be successful in finding employment. John went on to source four job interviews in one week and was offered a new role as a technical business analyst.”
John commented: “I am so pleased to be employed again and the support that I received made a real difference to my approach. I realised that being invited for an interview has to be viewed as a positive, whether you are offered the role or not.
“Taking part in the interview process shows that you are viewed as a viable candidate and will have been selected from a large group of applicants. Looking for ways to boost your confidence will be more productive to your mental wellbeing.”
Ingeus supports the delivery of JETS in the North West, Greater London, Greater Manchester, the North East, and Central areas.