More choices to aid mental health support
We have all been experiencing tough times during the pandemic and, for some, these challenges may be continuing as we seek to establish our new normal as restrictions are eased.
Ingeus employment key workers and health practitioners have been continuing their engagement with participants on the work and health programmes through video links, telephone calls, emails and texts.
Now there’s further help for clients in Greater Manchester, London and the North West who are experiencing low to medium stress, anxiety and depression and feel their mental state has been affected by the pandemic lockdown.
Job seekers can now be referred to a greater range of options featured on SilverCloud, a confidential internet-based platform that delivers online therapeutic programmes.  SilverCloud has been developed by clinical experts and provides easy to use content with tools that offer solutions to improve mental wellbeing.
Enhanced provision
“We are very proud to be able to offer this wide ranging and free resource at scale,” said Laura Rodger, Ingeus Lead Senior Health Practitioner in the North West. “We have increased the number of different programmes available from 10 to 30. The work and health programmes cover significant areas and we are engaged with nearly 15,500 participants seeking employment.
“The enhanced Ingeus provision also includes mental health support for people with specific health barriers such as diabetes, heart conditions and chronic pain. The health team at Ingeus assess which programme will help participants and support them to complete the sessions through regular contact.
“Each of these specific health programmes have been designed to run for up to 12 weeks and a health practitioner will follow up on their client’s progress every fortnight.”
Self sign-up portal
A further new development is the self sign-up portal that enables participants to choose a suggested programme and work through the different modules independently on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
The famous five
Employment key workers direct the participants to the portal and suggest selecting an option from a suite of five core programmes that are available for participants who do not require an extra level of support from the health team.
These core programmes have been tailored to aid better mental health to enable users to build up resilience and combat mental health issues. Many jobseekers are accessing the specific COVID-19 programme which supports those users with anxiety and depression that is linked to the current pandemic.
Laura adds: “SilverCloud will enable all of our employment keyworkers to fully support participants to improve and maintain their mental health in these difficult and unprecedented times. The world has changed massively in the past few months and our services must reflect that.” 
A supportive journey
Spokesperson for SilverCloud Health, Head of Europe Dr Lloyd Humphreys, said: “It is essential to be able to support people in the workplace through these unpredictable and stressful times. We are delighted to work with Ingeus to provide access to over 30 mental health and well-being programmes from our digital platform. These can help support the emotional and mental health of many that may be experiencing issues that have become barriers to returning to work. Flexible online access allows people to complete programmes at a time and pace that works for them; supporting their journey to returning to work and beyond.”