The quick thinking of Arlene Todd, Ingeus employer account manager with the Work and Health Programme, beat the clock when an interview opportunity suddenly became available, but the ideal candidate had just sixty minutes to prepare and travel across town to arrive on time.
“We had to think fast,” commented Arlene. “There were a number of scheduled interviews due to take place at a large retail store in Accrington. A call came through to say that one of the interviewees could not go and we instantly thought of Chris, an Ingeus client looking for retail work who would be perfect. I called him and gave Chris the option of taking the interview slot. He accepted immediately – and we swung into action to make it happen.”
The retailer’s HR Department agreed to interview Chris and while Arlene chatted to him on the phone, about the company and what his responsibilities would be, her colleague drove to Chris’s home with the taxi fare to ensure that he made the deadline.
Fifty-six-year-old Chris had been unemployed for two years after he had a mini-stroke. He was referred by Jobcentre Plus to the Work and Health Programme in March and quickly realised that there was a great support package available to him.
The Work and Health Programme, known locally as Work and Health North West, helps those who have been unemployed for a long time, as well as people with health conditions, into work.
Life changing in 24 Hours
“Everyone at Ingeus really listened to me to see what help I needed to find employment,” said Chris. “One day later I heard from Arlene that there was a potential vacancy. I arrived at the interview on time and a few days later - I was offered the job. It was fantastic to know that I would be earning a wage again.”
Before Chris was able to begin his new employment, Ingeus provided him with the required footwear to wear in store and also paid for his bus pass travel until he received his first salary.
Ingeus to the rescue
Arlene explained: “It is part of our role to not only ensure that our clients are supported in their preparation and search for work, we also offer guidance and practical help as they begin their employment to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.”
Chris added: “I love my work and I am now employed full time, which is just great to have some spare money again. I have made a good recovery from the stroke, but there are certain things that I have to live with.
“I can’t lift anything too heavy, but I can operate the tills and give advice to customers when they come into the store. In fact one shopper bought me some chocolate to say thank you because I helped them to find their missing wallet.”