Imagine... The boiler’s on the blink and you’ve got to find an engineer to fix it. The beds need changing and the click and collect grocery order needs to be, er, clicked and collected. You need to broach the subject of the hole in next door’s fence where his dog keeps coming through. Oh, and you mustn’t forget to pick up the kids from mum’s at three.
But take a breather and consider this: you’ve just used loads of skills that a potential employer might find incredibly useful.
Time management, communication. the ability to organise, problem solving, work ethic. They’re what are called transferrable skills that, perhaps without realising, you’ve picked up in your everyday life at home or work.
And today – Employability Day – is a great time to take stock of those skills and think how you can use them to find a new job or change career direction. Consider these talents that Ingeus calls the Super Six:
Communication and listening
At home, think about those times you’ve shared news with family or friends.
At work, maybe you’ve spoken to customers in a call centre or worked in a shop.
It all demonstrates your ability to listen and to get your point over. Share your views on social media? That’s the digital communications box ticked.
Ability to organise
At home, the way you manage family life or set priorities for your day are great examples.
At work, have you needed to finish your job before somebody can do theirs? Check.
Time management
At home, do you tick off that list of household chores while planning that trip to see the grandparents now Covid-19 restrictions have eased? Job done.
At work, think of those times when you’ve completed your tasks early and got the thumbs up from the boss. Then pop it on your CV.
Problem solving
At home, maybe you’ve had to find a garage that can fix your car TODAY without breaking the bank.
At work, think of when you’ve had to use your initiative to deal with an unexpected issue.
Work ethic
At home, do you get your chores done and still have time to help with homework and drop in on an elderly neighbour?
At work, if you were never late, took on extra work when necessary and worked to the best of your ability, a future employer would love to hear about it.
So if any of this rings a bell then speak to an Ingeus employment advisor – THE experts at making sure you make the most of those skills when it comes to finding work.
And if you need further convincing that this is not just theory, meet Tony Cain.
Forty-seven-year-old Tony used to work for St John Ambulance. Now he works for Ingeus.
He took redundancy from his role as a Learning and Development Officer and realised the skills he’d picked up with the charity were totally transferable.
He didn’t shy away from looking at other sectors and says: “Although Ingeus and St John are very different, both organisations are about helping people. I was used to saving lives, now I’m changing lives.”
If you’d like to do the same then Ingeus is recruiting! Could you end up helping other people to make the most of their hidden talents?