As part of your taking part in the Working Well Programme (WWP) appropriate and necessary information will be collected from you. This may be as part of questionnaires, assessments or issues that you talk to your Keyworker about as part of appointments.

To allow this work to be done the organisations involved have to have certain legal powers. For further details about the legal powers and how they are applied to the Programme please click here.

It is not a requirement of participation on the programme that you provide this information, but without it your Keyworker will be limited in the service they can provide you. It is therefore beneficial to provide this information to make sure you get the best service that can be provided.

This information will be used to support your involvement in the Working Well Programme including referrals to other organisations and making sure that you receive the right support at the right time for you. A list of the organisations involved can be found here. There are more details below explaining how your information will be used for the WWP. However your information will only be used on a “need to know” basis with only the minimum amount necessary being shared to support your access to services.

Sharing Information

To deliver this programme your information will be shared with your consent with a number of partners. You will be made aware that your information is going to be shared each time this is done. For more details in respect of the sharing and the partners we will be sharing with click here

Research and Evaluation

You will have been made aware that your information will be used to improve the programme and similar programmes, with research and evaluation of the services and the impact they have. If you want to know more details about the research and evaluation work, you can click here

Information Rights

For more details about the information Trafford Council hold about you and, how they look after your information, please complete the Subject Access Request Form on the Data Protection pages of the Trafford Council Website.

You have the right to complain if your feel your information is not being used appropriately. In the first instance please raise your concerns with your Keyworker or their Manager.

You also have the right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. For further details on this and your information rights please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office Website