As part of the Data Protection Act process each of the public bodies involved in this programme must identify a legal power that justifies them delivering this service and the sharing of the information that will be required.

To deliver the Working Well Programme, Trafford Borough Council is relying on Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011 and the General Power of Competence this provides. The other partner Local Authorities in Greater Manchester, are also using this power to support the programme.

The DWP are using the requirement of Regulation 13(1)(b)(iv) and Regulation 13(iA)of the Social Security (Claims and Information) Regulations 1999. Along with Regulation 13(4) of the Social Security (Claims and Information) Regulations 1999, to support the delivery and sharing of information to Trafford Borough Council for referral onto the Programme.

Additionally the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that conditions from both Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 of the Act are complied with to allow your information to be used for the Programme. This means that one of the conditions from each Schedule must be picked to justify the use of your information for the Programme.

How the Schedule 2 and 3 Conditions are satisfied

As part of the Programme you will be asked for your consent to share relevant and necessary information with partner organisations, you can find a list of the current partner organisations here. This will have already been explained to by your Keyworker. Consent is one of the conditions under Schedule 2 and 3 that will allow the use of your information for the Programme.