Part of any programme like Working Well is making sure that it is actually doing what it needs to do. This means part of the programme will involve evaluating how the services provided helps the people taking part. Being able to do this research is a great help because it allows us to make improvements to the programme for you. But not only that it helps to improve similar programmes across Greater Manchester, making them better and more relevant for those participating in them.

To do this as part of the Working Well Programme DWP will share de identified information with Trafford Borough Council and SQW Limited. SQW Limited is the evaluation partner for the programme.

Your identified information will be used to monitor the overall aims and outcome of the WWP and to help improve delivery of other services within Greater Manchester. This will involve your de identified information including DWP information and some Health information being provided to SQW Limited. It will also be used to identify the impact and effectiveness of the whole programme.

Trafford Borough Council working with Manchester City Council will also use your personal information along with that held by your local council and other partner organisations, to give a joined up view of the services and support you have accessed and the impacts they have had. This will include the sharing of some of medical information that you may provide to your Caseworker whilst you are taking part in the Working Well Programme.

Once this joining up has taken place, it will only be used in an anonymised format, this means you will not be able to be identified from the information. None of these evaluation processes will use your information to make any decisions about you; it will only be used for improving service quality, effectiveness and delivery, along with identifying areas of focus for services across Greater Manchester.

The outcome of the evaluations may also be included in publicly accessible reports. This information is aggregated and anonymised. You will therefore not be able to be identified from any of the information used or published in this way.

If you do not wish your identifiable information including medical information to be used to support the improvement in services as explained above, please make your Keyworker aware and they will note your records accordingly.