European Social Funds

To provide the Working Well programme the GMCA has obtain money from different places. One of those places is from the European Social Fund (ESF).  One of the conditions of this backing is that the GMCA must provide some information about the people that go on the programme.  To show that they are the right people for the programme and that they actually went on the programme.

At the start of the programme you will be told that the programme has ESF support and will be given a leaflet explaining this.  You will be asked to give some information to help fill out an ESF form and be asked to sign that you have been given the leaflet and that you understand that this information will be stored and used for ESF purposes.

Both the GMCA and our Provider must be checked and reviewed as part of the ESF process. The checks that will happen use random test groups.  This means that your information might be used to help with these checks.

These checks make sure the money ESF has given the GMCA is being spent on what it is meant to be. Things like your keyworker and the support you receive on the programme.  The GMCA and the Provider have to show that you have gotten these things.  

These checks will be detailed and will look at:
  • Eligibility of participants;
  • Compliance with Community and National rules;
  • Compliance with document retention requirements/standards;
  • Confirmation that expenditure declared corresponds to accounting records and supporting documentation held;
  • Whether your provision meets the selection criteria and objectives of the programme.

The checks will be carried out by the ESF Managing Authority, the ESF Certifying Authority and the ESF Audit Authority.

More details are available on the processes that required for European Social Funding.