Health support and use of data

Your Keyworker may decide that it would be helpful for you to work with the Health Team.

This service is meant to improve your health wellbeing by:  

  • improving understanding and education around health conditions and symptoms

  • empowering you to better manage your health by yourself

  • preparing you for returning to the right type of employment

  • help you to see that the right type of work can help your health and wellbeing

As part of being able to use this service your Keyworker will share your information with the Health Team. 

This sharing will be for:

  • arranging your appointment,

  • the reason for your referral,

  • to enable them to provide you with the right support, advice and guidance 

This will save you having to repeat yourself.  Give your Health Professional a chance to prepare for the appointment. As well as a focal point of where to start with your support.

The information you provide to the Health Professional will be kept in a separate confidential record.  However the Health Professional will share some very basic information with your Keyworker.

This would include:

  • attendance at the appointment

  • employment related guidance such as suitable job goals that would help your health condition

  • a list of other services they think you might benefit from

  • any further help they will be providing to you on a 1:1 or group basis

By doing this your Keyworker will understand the types of work, adaptations and training that are right for you.  See the section below Supporting you on the Working Well (Work and Health) programme.  This explains more about how they will work together along with the benefits for you.

Who are the Health Team?

The Health Team is made up of qualified Health Professionals, like physiotherapists and psychologists.  They will where necessary share information with your GP, other Health Professionals or refer on to external services that they think with help you.

Sharing health information

The Health Professional that you meet with will talk to you more about the sharing process. They will also ask you to sign a consent form. This is to confirm that you accept that your confidential information can be shared.  This will be to support you on the Working Well (Work and Health) Programme and with other health specialists. They will only share the relevant information.  

Supporting you on the Working Well (Work and Health) Programme

Your Health Professional will work with your Keyworker to support you on the Woking Well (Work and Health) Programme.  In doing this they will:

  • Discuss and make sure the correct jobs are offered to you.  Provide return to work advice and guidance for you and your Keyworker.

  • Carry out pre-work assessments (in addition to the ones done by the Key Worker). This will help them to make recommendations such as equipment needs, long with detail on how to plan and manage your move in to work.

  • Provide in-work support. This is targeted towards helping you with any difficulties you have during your time in work.

  • Where needed contribute to the development of your action plan.  Making sure that their health related recommendations are included correctly in your action plan, by your Keyworker.

Working with other health professionals

While helping you on the Programme the Health Team may require some further information.  This could be from your GP, other Health Professionals or specialist organisations.  This would be to make sure that everyone supporting you with your health issues is working together. Your GP or other Health Professional who they speak to may provide supporting information.  If they do, it would be to improve your support on the Working Well (Work and Health) Programme.

  • A copy of any letters or emails that have been sent to other Health Professionals can be shown to you on request.

  • You can also request the details of any discussions that have taken place about your health support. These will be held as confidential case notes by the health professionals.

Referral to external services or signposting

Your Health Professional may want you to go to another external service that they think will help you.  If they need to do this it would be helpful to share your information required by the service with the relevant person/organisation. Before any referral or sharing your Health Professional would discuss the reason with you, and record this. You would have the option to refuse the referral during the discussion.