As a Public Authority the GMCA has quite a few legal responsibilities. It is required to offer and provide a lot of different services.  To do this it has to use the information it collects. Using your information is called “Processing of Data”. Processing means work such as collection, recording, storing, changing, sharing, general use, or destruction.

There is a table showing the legal acts and regulations we have to use your information to provide the Working Well (Work and Health) Programme. It also shows the legal acts the GMCA and the other Data Controllers will rely on to process information to provide you with the support you need.

How the Schedule 2 and 3 Conditions are satisfied

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that conditions from both Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 of the Act are met to allow your information to be used properly.  This means that one of the conditions from each Schedule must be picked to justify the use of your information.

We have also made a table showing the different Schedule 2 and 3 conditions that are being used for Working Well and the combined way of working.

For more details about what “satisfying the conditions for processing”  means go to the Information Commissioner’s Office  External Link