Part of any programme like Working Well (Work and Health) is making sure that it is actually doing what it needs to do.  This means part of the programme will involve evaluating how the services provided helps the people taking part, or if they are not actually helping at all. Being able to do this research is useful because it allows us to make improvements to the programme for you. It also helps to improve similar programmes across Greater Manchester. Making them better and more relevant for those taking part in them.

To do this we will supply information to an organisation to carry out this work for us. This organisation is SQW Limited. We have produced a list of the information that SQW Limited will be using to do the work for us.

As you can see from the list we will be using information about your personal life and your health. It may seem like a lot of information. But this means we can get a better understanding of the specific areas the programme has been the most helpful. 

The GMCA has a contract with SQW Limited that makes them legally responsible to look after your information properly. They have to take care of it in the same way we have to. Making sure it is kept securely and only the right people can see and use it for the work.

SQW Limited will produce anonymised statistical data from your information. This means you will not be able to be identified from the data that is used in the evaluation process. Also none of the work produced as part of the evaluation will be used to make any decisions about you. It will be used for improving the quality, effectiveness and delivery of help across Greater Manchester.   

The outcome of the evaluations may also be included in publicly accessible reports. This information will be mainly charts, diagrams and numbers. You will therefore not be able to be identified from any of the information used or published in this way.

You do have the right not to have your identifiable information including health information to be used in this way.  However supporting the improvement in services as explained above is important.  It helps make services better for you and your communities. We hope that you will be happy for us to use your information for the evaluation. However if you are not please make your Keyworker aware and they will note your records accordingly.