How long will we hold onto your information?

We have many different laws to comply with to in order to provide you with the services and support you need. A table  is available showing the ones for Working Well. A number of these laws tell us how long we must keep your information. This can vary from 1 year up to 75 years. 

Your information will be held for the minimum length of time that these various laws and legal regulations state they must be held for. 

There may be times where laws do not specify how long information must be kept for.  When this happens, we will use recommendations from legal advisors.  We will also work with other specialists to decide how long it is necessary to keep it for.  All decisions that are not based on legal requirements need to be justified.  

The information that the GMCA collects as part of you taking part in Working Well does have to be kept for 22 years for European Social Funding Auditing. After this time the information will be securely destroyed.

The other organisations like the Councils and DWP will have their own time frames for holding onto your information.

Due to the many different types of information that we use it would not be practical for us to list all of them, as well as the periods they will be held for, here.

However if you want to know how long specific types of information are held by us, you can make a Freedom of Information request to the Council. Requests can be mailed, emailed or submitted using the details on the Contacts page.

If you want to know details about Freedom of Information requests you can go to the Information Commissioner’s Office website  External Link.