Why will we share your information?

Working Well is meant to provide you with the support you need to help you back in to work. To do this a number of different organisations have to work together. Your Key Worker will help co-ordinate this. To do it properly they will need to know what services you are getting at the moment. Along with what support you received previously, and what experience you have.  This provides your Keyworker with a good idea of your overall situation.
By organisations sharing information, it will prevent you having to explain yourself repeatedly. Making sure support is co-ordinated to suit you. So together we can overcome issues that are preventing you accessing work.

What sort of sharing will happen?

Your Keyworker will share information with your Work Coach to let them know:

  • how you are generally progressing with employment
  • the training and support activities your Keyworker has asked you to do
  • if you have completed the programme or have left early
  • if your details change and this affects your benefit.

Your Keyworker will also work with your local Council to:

  • see if you are already getting any help from them.
  • make sure that none of your current help would affect the services your Keyworker was looking at.
  • help you to access the services the Council can provide that your Keyworker can’t
  • let them know what help your Keyworker is providing.

You may be offered the chance to take part in some employment and training to help you improve your skills. Your Keyworker will share information to:

  • to allow the employer to know who you are and the skills and experience you can bring to the job.
  • let the employer know if any adaptations are needed in the work place or your work hours.
  • find the correct level of course for you to go to.
  • let the course provider know who you are and what skills you already have.

Your Keyworker might also offer you the option to be referred for support regarding a health condition. Your Keyworker and the Health professional will share information to:

  • arrange appointments.

You can find out more details on how your health information will be used.

We may also need to pass your information to other people and organisations that provide services on our behalf. These providers are compelled by legally enforceable contracts to keep your details secure. They are also only to use it to provide the service to you.

  • When your Key Worker helps, you find work the DWP will also share some of your earnings information with us. This is so we have evidence that you have found and stayed in work. We need this proof so we can then pay Ingeus UK Ltd for the work they have done supporting you.   

As part of sharing information all the organisations involved will only share the minimum necessary information. 

For more information about the processes we must comply with when we share information go to the Data Sharing page of the Information Commissioner’s website. They also have a more detailed explanation of what Information Sharing is generally.

The information that is shared will be kept securely. The specific security that will be in place will also be listed in the Data Protection Impact Assessment. You can find out more details on how we secure your information.

The information that is provided to partners will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Information will be accurate, where necessary kept up to date and will be kept for no longer than necessary, in line with each organisations’ retention schedule.