As someone that is taking part in the Working Well Programme, we have to your information for different reasons. Each time you meet your Keyworker they will ask you some questions about yourself, and keep records of the services and support you receive.  This is to help us see if the services and support we are supplying are actually helping. All of this information is held securely in your records.

Your Keyworker can then use this information when working with you.  They will use it in different ways to work out the most needed support for you.  This will involve where needed sharing with the other organisations involved in supporting you. Or sharing to get you a specialist support quicker and easier.  It is important to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time so they can provide you with the right support.

Delivery of Services

To do this it will involve using the information for any of the following purposes:
  • the provision of social services
  • the provision of health care services
  • supporting and managing our employees
  • providing support in finding employment or work experience
  • providing support to establish a business
  • providing leisure and cultural services
  • provision of education
  • administering the assessment and collection of taxes and other revenue including benefits and grants
  • local fraud initiatives
  • crime prevention and prosecution offenders
  • corporate administration and all activities we are required to carry out as a data controller and public authority
  • undertaking research and evaluations
  • internal financial support and corporate functions
  • managing archived records for historical and research reasons
  • public health purposes about patients or healthcare
  • disputes or potential cases of malpractice
  • investigating client complaints
  • maintaining our own accounts and records
  • promoting the services we provide
  • supporting internal and ESF audits

Research and Evaluation

We will use some of the information you provide to:
  • create statistical data so we can plan and improve how we provide services; and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of services;
We will also:
  • create anonymised data to be published in various reports that will also be publically available.
  • create anonymised health related data to improve the health of the population we serve,

Anonymising the data before it is used for these purposes, means it will not contain any personal information. So you, your family or any individual person cannot be identified from this information.
You can find out more details on the evaluation process

Detect and prevent fraud or crime

By law each organisation has to protect the public funds they are responsible for. This means they will also use any of the information you provide to prevent and detect fraud. This may involve sharing this information with organisations responsible for auditing or administering public funds including the Audit Commission, the Department for Work and Pensions, other local authorities, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Police.

Data matching may also be used to identify errors and potential frauds. The GMCA will also take part in national data matching exercises undertaken by the Audit Commission where permitted under the Data Protection Act.

When necessary and appropriate, information held will be shared with organisations such as the Police to prevent or detect crime, apprehend or prosecute offenders or prevent the risk of harm to an individual.