Helping people to Restart their employment

The Restart Scheme is part of the government’s Plan for Jobs to help people and businesses recover from the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The specially designed programme gives Universal Credit claimants who have been out of work for at least 12 months intensive and tailored support to help find sustained work in their local area.

Ingeus is delivering the Restart Scheme across Central and West London and Greater Manchester, working in partnership with local partners and employers to break down any employment barriers that could be holding people back from finding work. 

Whether the Restart Scheme participants require additional training, key skills, funding for transport to get to and from work, or for somebody to simply guide them through their search for work, the Restart Scheme advisors will help with personalised, one to one support.

To access the Restart Scheme, claimants must be referred by their Jobcentre Plus Work Coach. Whether you are a potential participant or a member of the Job Centre Plus team, you will find the information you need to know to help communities to access the Restart Scheme.   

Employers – Do you need new talent for your business?
By recruiting through the the Restart Scheme programme, you’ll have access to some incredible candidates who can be job, company and industry ready just for you. 

Pre-qualified candidates
We understand that hiring someone to fit in with the company culture is just as important as hiring someone who can get the job done. During the Restart Scheme programme, we get to know our participants and are in a great position to match candidate personalities with company cultures.

Save time and money
You’ll have the chance to access pre-qualified candidates who are hungry for the opportunity to get back into work and are ready to hit the ground running. By having access to our entire candidate database for free, you’ll save time on looking for the right person and you’ll save money on usual recruitment costs.
Think you might benefit from access to a free database full of pre-qualified and ready to work candidates?

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