If you are looking for new staff and want to employ skilled, talented and diverse candidates, JETS can help you.

Ingeus delivers the Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) scheme in North West England, Greater Manchester and London, to help people get back into work.

Finding you the best local candidates

By working with JETS you can access candidates that your normal recruitment approaches may not. By employing JETS job seekers, you will be giving local people who are keen to work an opportunity to add diversity to your workforce and create better lives for themselves.

We are preparing the best local candidates for businesses in all sectors, so we'll find the right person, prepare them and give them relevant skills, and support them to stay and success in their role.

How JETS can support employers

Recruiting can be challenging, and while the COVID pandemic has meant many people have lost their jobs and are now looking for a new role, sifting through the applications can be overwhelming. This is when JETS Job Entry Targeted Support scheme can help you.

Our Account Managers can screen CVs, perpare suitable candidates for the roles you are recruiting for and ensure the time you spend interviewing is in meeting potential new employees with the right fit for your job and organisation.

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