We would like to hear from private, public and third sector organisations across the UK that can offer their expertise to support people facing a wide range of constraints. 

Our 'Working with Ingeus' guide is available here and details what we look for in our delivery partners, how to get involved and what support our partners can expect from us during the subcontracting process. 

If you have any questions about applying to be part of the Partner Network, please email partnerships@ingeus.co.uk.

Current Opportunities

Ingeus are intending to tender for the HMPPS CFO Activity Hubs opportunity.  This contract will be delivered in England and is due to commence in January 2021 for a duration of 32 months.  

The Hub programme will have dual aims: to increase effective engagement with mainstream or core services and to encourage participation in activities to assist individuals to lead law abiding lives, to not re-offend and to move closer to the labour market. Activity Hubs will be based in community locations and provide bespoke, tailored support in a safe and supportive environment for offenders to reintegrate into society through a range of meaningful activities. 

These services will cover the following Activity-based categories:
  • Human Citizenship - activities which develop a sense of self-worth, enabling participants to develop positive plans for the future. 
  • Community and Social Factors - activities which build personal resilience, strengthen support networks and upskill participants
  • Interventions and Services - activities that clearly link to the reducing recidivism agenda. Most of these activities need to be accredited.
The Provision is voluntary for participants. Engagement will be focused on participants at risk of re-offending following release and those serving community sentences. Emphasis will be on effective targeting of the most appropriate participants, who are unlikely to benefit from other services as a result of facing complex barriers. 
We are inviting Expressions of Interest from organisations of all sizes, particularly local organisations or community representatives, to support the engagement of and increase participant integration by delivering bespoke activity services in the Activity Hubs. Ideally, organisations have experience of supporting offenders/ex-offenders who have complex barriers to deliver tailored and engaging programme interventions. We are also interested in hearing from organisations who can provide Hub premises. 
Express your interest here https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/HMPPSActivityHubEOI/


DWP Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella Agreement (EHRSUA) 

We are planning to tender for the DWP’s EHRSUA, expected April 2020, and are inviting interested organisations to join our partner network. If you are interested in working with Ingeus for the EHRSUA framework, we invite you to complete our brief expression of interest.

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