Bootstrap Enterprises have had, and continue to enjoy, a particularly productive partnership with Ingeus. As a subcontracted delivery partner we have been consistently well supported and guided via our contact management colleagues at Ingeus.

Our relationship is transparent and effective, communication is strong and proactive and the advice support and guidance that we receive from Ingeus ultimately brings meaningful and lasting results for our Work Programme customers across East Lancashire.

Dave Wylie - Work Programme Manager, Bootstrap Enterprises


Clarion are very much enjoying working with Ingeus. The need for specialist intervention is very much understood by Ingeus and, because of this, we do not find ourselves constantly repeating the business case or explaining the need, we are allowed to just get on with it and demonstrate how we add value through delivery of our services.

Ingeus have also purchased specialist deaf awareness training from us for their staff which allows us to further champion the cause and make sure that deaf and hard of hearing people have access to the first class mainstream employment services that Ingeus provide.

Cheryl Cullen - Head of Business Development, Clarion


The success of our partnership relies largely on how Ingeus interacts with our staff. Experience tells us the right approach is necessary, or nothing moves forward and that would impact on not just our contract but also Ingeus' outcomes.

The Ingeus working method has been approachable, supportive and encouraging, which has created an atmosphere of partnership-working rather than isolation.

They are available to discuss and support us with our decision-making. They also offer solutions to problems rather than punitive measures, which take us both forward as partners.

Sarah Temperton - Head of Training, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce


Working with Ingeus has been a positive development opportunity for Triage, allowing both organisations to capitalise on our shared principles and objectives and to create a partnership that supports our continuous improvement.

Monthly contract reviews have provided a platform for us to share expertise, fine-tune the delivery model to meet local dynamics and maintain a focus on performance objectives. The success of this approach is evident in our performance outcomes.

Sarah Sanderson - Operations Director, Triage