Breaking The Cycle of Re-Offending

Offending damages society and it can be difficult for offenders to change their behaviour, even when they want to. Rehabilitating offenders both protects the public and builds a stronger society in the long term. Our mission is to work with offenders to transform their lives and create safer communities. 

Commissioned Rehabilitative Services (CRS)

Commissioned Rehabilitative Services are part of the Ministry of Justice’s new probation system, procured by Regional Probation Directors to provide flexible, responsive services to help break the cycle of reoffending. They are delivered by expert organisations at a local and regional level to provide tailored support and address areas of need associated with reoffending, or which provide the stabilisation that many of those under supervision need.

CFO Activity Hubs 

CFO3 Activity Hubs programme from the HMPPS Co-financing Organisation and part funded by the European Social Fund, is designed to increase effective engagement with mainstream or core services. The CFO Activity Hubs provide safe, supportive and welcoming spaces for offenders to access tailored support, advice and guidance, and interact with positive roles models and peers at a similar stage of their resettlement journey. Offenders will be able to access support for accommodation, health, finance and debt, education, employment and training.


CF03 is a social inclusion programme co-commissioned by her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and the European Social Fund for England (ESF).

The focus of the programme is to help offenders move towards social inclusion and mainstream provision, turning their back on crime, undertaking supportive interventions, training and finding a job. This is achieved by facilitating access to services tailored to their individual circumstances with a strong emphasis on supporting participants into employment.

Support packages may include provision of educational, training, vocational, counselling and rehabilitation services.

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